CSS Education service offerings support learning across a lifetime.

Experience a Technological

Students, faculty and staff have come to expect more as they experience a technological revolution in their personal lives. Unfortunately, when it comes to their campus life, they often experience a “digital downgrade” using dated systems that don’t meet their high expectations.

Our Education Offerings

  • Improved Care and Education from Birth to Age Five
  • Improving Educational Outcomes for Youth and Adults
  • Training and Technical Assistance Services for All Levels of Education Programming
  • Research and Evaluation Services for Effective Education Programs
  • Early Education Institute

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Intuitive Experience

With Corporate Software Solutions you can provide your students, faculty and staff with an intuitive experience built for today’s mobile user. What once was a source of disappointment has now become a competitive advantage.

Learning Across a Lifetime

Corporate Software Solutions's education service offerings support learning across a lifetime. From early care for infants and toddlers through college and workforce training, our innovative approaches and methodologies address critical questions and improve the quality of educational programs. Our expertise helps clients address priorities in an ever-changing educational landscape.

Designed to Improve

Designed to improve quality, identify outcomes, and increase accountability,------ services make real improvements and demonstrate quantifiable results. Our expertise is research-based and backed by a roster of successful projects from community-based organizations to national initiatives ultimately helping to improve the efficacy and sustainability of educational programs.

Or Education

  • Adaptive Architecture and Configurable Setup

    With its adaptive architecture and configurable setup, Corporate Software Solutions Student Management is a next-generation student information system built for change. You can update strategies and processes quickly and easily, lowering your IT investment and system support costs, while improving the user experience for faculty, staff and students.

  • Rich Pool of Experts form the Cornerstone

    Tailored services from a rich pool of experts form the cornerstone of our education offerings. Corporate Software Solutions staff understands the educational priorities of federal, state, and local stakeholders and philanthropic and nonprofit organizations. With access to preeminent education experts, Corporate Software Solutions provides highly nuanced and specialized support.

Working Relationships with Key People

Working relationships with key people in the field strengthen the depth of our expertise, and our agile approach enables us to provide timely and often immediate assistance to our clients. Located in many areas across the United States, Corporate Software Solutions consultants contribute keen insights into local context and can tailor services specifically to each client, wherever they are located.



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