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A global leader in strategic staffing solutions and IT staffing

Strategic Staffing Solutions
and IT Staffing.

Corporate Software Solutions is a global leader in strategic staffing solutions and IT staffing services in the Information technology space, and has been a growing player in the industry since 2000.

We routinely help Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies meet their staffing needs utilizing industry-best technology and a workforce averaging more than 15 years of experience recruiting IT positions and managing client interactions.

We would love to work with you and provide you with strategic staffing solutions to help fuel your business.

We are more than just an IT staffing company. Our employees have a passion for service. We strive to provide companies with strategic staffing solutions by hiring top IT professionals who are dedicated to exceeding client expectations through our unique, comprehensive 10-step recruiting process, matching both technical and interpersonal skills to the needs of our clients.


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Beeds and Potential

Corporate Software Solutions Staffing we believe that it isn’t just about finding work; it’s about find out what works. Because of that belief, we do more than just place people with employers. We take the time necessary to understand the needs and potential of every job opening we post and every candidate we meet.

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Happy and Productive

Corporate Software Solutions we are a Continuous Improvement Service Organization, and are always looking to improve our level of service to our clients, candidates and consultants. We have a full-time Director of Consultant Relations on staff who meets with our consultants on a regular basis to make sure they remain happy and productive at their new jobs.

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Demand far Outweighs

In a time when technology job demand far outweighs candidate supply for many critical IT positions, working with a highly capable IT staffing company has its advantages. We’ve developed deep relationships with consultants, many of whom we’ve placed multiple times over the years. Our network of qualified talent is both deep and vast.

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The tenure of our recruiting team is great too.

That’s a real rarity in this business and it’s an important differentiator. That tenure translates to efficiency and effectiveness, which from your perspective means quickly sourcing high quality candidates.

We pride ourselves in staffing our IT recruitment organization with career recruiters who attract and maintain relationships with talented technical professionals for contract staffing and long-term IT projects.

We place equal emphasis on servicing our clients and our consultants well. On the client side, we make it our business to know your business. On the consultant side, we have a devoted Consultant Advocate team ready to handle their every need and concern.

Why choose us?

We are all about you and your success. It’s our job to find the talent that meets your needs, and we’re quite good at that.

Are you looking to partner with an organization that is completely committed to your success? Is the need to quickly find high quality talent a concern of yours?

Our expert recruiters proactively recruit technical professionals nationwide. We apply our Recruiting Methodology to pre screen candidates and then add them to our active database. Additionally, we work to ensure that the skilled professionals we place in your organization will work well with your team and fit smoothly into your organizational culture.

What We Do
  • Permanent / Direct Hire Recruiting
  • Temporary / Contract Staffing
  • contract-to-Hire Staffing
  • Onsite Recruiting Management
  • Testing and Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Direct Hire

    We thoroughly understand there are many different factors that contribute to optimal full-time staffing placements. Our innovative and award-winning screening, evaluation and integration practices ensure that the candidate our clients ultimately choose will fit seamlessly into their company culture and contribute to their team's’ success.

  • Contract Staffing

    Looking for a talented consultant to help with a specific project? We are your trusted partner. Our innovative recruiting procedures, combined with our large, constantly updated database of industry experts makes us exceptionally well-equipped to find the ideal consultant for you and the specific task at hand.

  • Contract To Hire

    Sometimes a company needs a flexible consultant who is open to a contract position that could lead to full-time employment. We identify consultants who can excel in such scenarios. A dedicated member of our recruitment team will serve as your partner and advocate throughout the entire relationship, ensuring a smooth and rewarding transition for everyone involved

Skills Testing

Every temporary or contract candidate we present for a position has been through rigorous skill and assessment testing to ensure they have both the skills and behavioral work style to match the job requirements and your company’s culture.

Our recruiting and candidate assessment process assures the highest quality matches between job seeker and employer, so your firm will receive candidates who not only have the right qualifications, but who also have the appropriate personality and cultural fit for your organization. Learn more about our process.

Whether we are providing you with one temporary for a day or fifty temporaries for a long-term assignment, every JDL candidate is guaranteed to perform the duties specified by you, throughout the length of the assignment. There will be no billing charge for unsatisfactory work performed. Because of our thorough screening and selection process, we can confidently offer our clients our 100% unconditional guarantee.



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